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Ion series for musical instrument. All models of  the ion series  they share the following characteristics:

  1. Lightweight, non magnetic, aluminum chassis

  2. Scratch-resistant, screen-printed finish aluminum front and back panels 

  3. Sober and elegant design

  4. Completely handmade construction.

  5. 100% valves, point to point wiring on Teflon boards

  6. Audiophile grade component specially selected for tube electronics

  7. High quality transformers and chokes

  8. Quick and easy access to bias adjustment on the rear panel

  9. High reliability, protection of sensitive and expensive parts

  10. Low noise, suitable for recording environment

  11. Resonant and light fir cabinet

  12. Guarantee on manufacturing or material defects (except loudspeakers and valves) for 5 years

  13. Free annual review for the first five years.

  14. exceptional sound

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