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Xi (X)  

Model Xi (X) is a 50 or 25 watt, mono channel all tube high end amplifier, point to point wired, with reverb and headphone output

Built around a classic 60’s Blackface circuit,  includes some interesting modifications such as an extra gain stage for smooth gradualness, special focus on the high mid band for articulation,  and a precise power supply for spectacular dynamics

the standard Xi is a useful and perfect tool for both the versatile player looking for the ultimate clean tone, as well as the pedal player searching clarity, dynamics and spaciousness in order to translate all these colours in the final process














#Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Volume

#25 or 50 watts of RMS power, depending on version

# Spring reverb and tube circuitry

# headphone output

# Impedance selector 8 - 4 Ω

# External speaker output

# Solid state Rectifier (FRED)

# Externally user adjustable fixed bias

# Celestion speaker  

# 5-year warranty on defective materials and construction (except tubes and speaker)

# Free annual review for the first five years  

# ECC83 preamp tubes

# ECC81 inverter and pair of 6L6GC power tubes

#Weight : 22Kg (19Kg 25 watts)

#Dimensions (mm) :  height 510, width 515, depth 320


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