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Delta MK II (d)


The Delta (δ) MK II amp is a tremendous versatile high-end single channel combo amplifier with a Celestion 12" speaker. Like the Xi (Ξ) custom MKII, the amp use miniature switches to alter the gain structure of the preamp, thus allowing the musician to control the exact point of harmonic distortion regardless the delivered output level of the PU's. Summarizing, with the "drive" and "boost" switches, the musician will always be able, with ANY pick up level, SC or HB, to bring the signal to this elusive "sweet spot" where the sound (in clean or overdrive mode)  is musically interesting.  There is more in the Delta MKII amplifier, it goes one step further than the Xi  with other powerful features such the option to switch the power supply from tube to solid state rectifier, as well as 2 different modes of operation of the power stage, (Triode / Pentode and Fixed Bias / Cathode Bias). With these switches the musician, can control the balance in the power amp section between untouched full power dynamics to low output current saturation. In other words : the combinations of the three Carling switches brings 8 different work points on the output valves,  ranging from 12 to 55 watts.

The component quality, the versatility and the low noise, make this amplifier an option for both recording studio and live performances. The delta amplifier is capable of adapting to any style of music, whether Blues, Jazz, Rock, Country, etc... and any scenario. It's the perfect choice for the session musician








#  Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume

# "boost" and "drive" switch to alter the gain structure

# "thick" switch for low mids

# Spring reverb and tube circuitry

# Headphone output

# Impedance selector 8 - 4 Ω

# External speaker output

# 3 operating modes selectable and accessible via front panel combinable in 8 positions for different sound textures  and power outputs:


1) Triode/Pentode

2) Solid state rectifier/valve

3)  Fixed bias / cathode bias

The positions allow 8 combinations whose results  in power output are: 12 - 14 - 18 - 22 - 30 - 35 - 40 - 55 watts, which allows different degrees of dynamic saturation and nuances of sounds in the power section  


# Celestion Creamback G12M 65W speaker

# 5-year warranty on defective materials and construction (except tubes and speaker)

# Free annual review for the first five years

# ECC83, ECC81 preamp tubes

# ECC81 power valves on inverter and a pair of 6L6GC

#Weight : 22Kg

#Dimensions (mm) :  height 510, width 515, depth 320



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