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I don't remember when my interest in music began, it's something that has always accompanied me. My musical preferences are omnivorous: a lot of classical music in my family environment, I remember with special clarity the fascination for Bach's double violin concerto, the Goldberg variations and  the Brandenburg concerts. Later in the 70s, in the midst of adolescence and youth came classic, progressive, pop and folk rock.  My interest in Jazz has come later thanks to some of my customer musicians. My vital memories, my aspirations and my past and future projects  are associated with music

My fascination for sound is the logical consequence of my love for music.  Since early 1980s,  this impulse has led me to a constant interest about the nature of sound, amplification, vintage recording systems and analog tube electronics. This effort to understand the role of sound in music has generated extensive experience,  knowledge and criteria that I apply in my work according to each case

Since 1993, I have been dedicated to the promotion and design of valve electronics and related components. In the year 2000 I developed the first hi-fi amplifier prototypes immediately followed by musical instrument ones. In 2001 these amps were registered under the Red note brand which has been established since then. Currently I dedicate myself exclusively to the design, manufacture and distribution of valve electronics that I personally build in my workshop.  In the other hand  I have a separate recording studio  which I use not only for demos,  but also for testing new circuits and models.  Apart from my activities in audio and music, my other interests are spread out in this order:  my family, the study of music and humanities and the practice of sports, long-distance running and swimming


Joan Payas

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