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Handcrafted Tube Amplifiers

My aim and priority is to satisfy musicians with reliable tools  capable of transmitting the musical message with ease and precision


The circuits I use are interpretations of the tube classics, with their ideal characteristics for guitar/bass amplification: warm and fluid sound, articulated, dynamic and harmonically complex.


In order to meet the expectations of my customers, I personally build each amplifier with a great deal of dedication. The component is carefully selected for its sound and reliability, and the circuitry is built using the technique of  point to point wiring, which requires time, skill, experience  and attention to detail.


I have a provision of resources as a result of 25 years of experience in professional audio and 20 in the manufacture of tube amplifiers.


The result of all this,  is a high-end handcrafted product that offers the user robustness, reliability and  an exceptional musical sound.

Joan Payas

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