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Xi (X)  Jazz

The Xi (X) Jazz The Xi Jazz amp it's a 30W single channel combo built with high quality components. Mainly Jazz oriented - although not only confined to it - the amp is built around a minimalist circuit, derived from the ones used by Ampeg amplifiers in the 60's, whose clarity and balance in the mid/ high range is perfect to achieve naturalness and precision. In the design, emphasis has been placed on several musical criteria such warmth, dynamic efficiency and high/mid frequency control, so, when performing complex chords, the sound can translate them with sweetness, accuracy, intelligibility and transparency

The amplifier has 2 switchable modes of operation on the rear of the chassis

These modes allows the user to modify the working point of the preamplifier tubes. In "normal" mode the preamplifier works with more current and with the typical harmonic distortion percentage of a "colored" clean tube sound, so the the sound is perceived like a expected electric guitar amplifier. Instead , when  'soft' mode is selected, the preamp works with less current and less distortion, which generates a sound more according to  'HiFi' or line mixer territory, this "soft" mode is well suited for guitars with humbuckers or musicians coming from theacoustic  background with very strong plucking techniques Each mode can be altered with the "drive" and "color" switches, the first maximizes the gain and the second optimizes the harmonic content

The amplifier is available in two sizes, medium with a 10" speaker or large with a 12" speaker.


Summarizing, the amplifier is designed not only with the Jazz musician in mind, but also with the guitarist who wants to experiment with “different” sounds, the 'soft' mode works with a lot of dynamic range and is a good platform for effects pedals.










#Gain, Treble, Bass, Volume

#30 watts RMS 

#Switchable dual mode operation  "normal and "soft" located in inner rear part of chassis

#Switch "drive"(gain)  and "colour" (harmonic enhancer)

# Spring reverb and tube circuitry

# headphone output

# Impedance selector 8 - 4 Ω

# External speaker output

# Solid state Rectifier (FRED)

# Externally user adjustable fixed bias

# Celestion speaker  (10" or 12")

# 5-year warranty on defective materials and construction (except tubes and speaker)

# Free annual review for the first five years  

# 5751 preamp tubesin paralel configuration

# 5751 inverter and pair of 6L6GC power tubes

#weight : 19Kg , 17kg combo 10"

#Dimensions (mm) :  Combo 12" height 510, width 515, deep 320 

                                  Combo 10" height 410, width 515, deep 320


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