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Due to the number of variables in sound reproduction, it is difficult to get an accurate idea of the sonic experience of the amps in any demo. I encourage whoever is interested in my work, to contact me to make a REAL demo in my studio  


That said, a rough idea if possible, so I'll leave a link on my youtube channel. It is necessary to use good quality headphones.


All demos are made WITHOUT EQ and WITHOUT compression. Usually with the classic mix of a dynamic microphone and a ribbon microphone


I do include reverb and an MS plugging, in order to emulate the stereo space and the room. The circulating misconception that a mono recording of a single microphone attached to the speaker cone is the closest thing to reality is quite astounding. The approximation to a real experience,  oblige -  for those who have a minimum of knowledge about the phenomenon of human hearing -  to take into account the stereophonic perception (we have two ears that perceive the stereo image due to phase differences) and the space where the sound is generated (the room) since the result is the mixture of the sound of the source plus that of the room*

The objective of the demo is to create an idea, an approximation of how the amplifier sounds in the real environment. Obviously, and as expected, the experience outside the digitalized virtual world far exceeds this approach.


* For more information on the stereophonic subject it is very interesting to read the book by Ron Streicher & F. Alton Everest "The New Stereo Soundbook - ISBN 0-8306-3904-7 and 0-8306-3903-9

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