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(m) Micra


The Micra (μ) amplifier is a single-channel small and low weight combo with a 10" Celestion speaker. Oriented to portability and comfort, perfect for practice, studio, small stages and concerts in small venues such duets and voice guitar accompaniments. With the parallel external speaker, the user can connect an extra cabinet such as the RE112 or RE210 and thus substantially increase the decibels of pressure (Spl), making it a more suitable for bigger stages

Small and simple does not mean less quality, the components used,  are in line with other amplifiers with more ambitious features. The Micra is my interpretation of the classic "F. Princeton" circuit with the possibility to gradually overdrive the preamp with high gain settings The amplifer is able to deliver crystal clear clean sounds, as well intense overdrives .  Output tubes are in fixed bias mode and can deliver 22W  RMS











# Gain, Treble, Bass, Volume

# 22 watts fixed bias

# Headphone output

# 10" Celestion Greenback speaker

# Impedance selector 8 - 4 Ω

# External speaker output

# 5-year warranty on defective materials and construction (except tubes and speaker)

# Free annual review for the first five years

# ECC83 preamp tubes,

# ECC83 phase inverter and pair of 6L6 output tubes 

#Weight 11Kg

#Dimensions (mm) High 400 x width 400 x deep 240 (bottom) 200 (top)

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